WordPress Hosting – Why Having Your Own Self Hosted WordPress Blog Is Important!

Promoting affiliate products has long been known to be a very profitable way of making fast cash. There is no product to create, so you instantly have something to sell. All you have to do is drive traffic and get them to click on your link in order to buy the product.

The second kind of good gravity graph is more common. It is a relatively flat line within our target range. This shows that for at least the last three months affiliates have been having success with the product, and yet there is still relatively light competition. The only trouble with these more established products is that it can be a bit difficult to find domain names and keywords to target, but with creativity you can definitely make it work. Again, when you find a stable graph, move on to step 5.

Your website should really never stop evolving. Search engines love fresh, original content so be sure you know at the outset exactly who will be the one making updates to your site. Unless you are fluent in html, updating the site on your own does depend on which platform your designer chose to build your site. When negotiating on price, it is a good idea to get 12 months of updating included with the price of the site.

There are three big steps to creating a blog. The first is buying your domain name (which costs $10 per year to own). The 2nd step is to buy web hosting ($4.95 a month from Hostgator.) The third step would be to install a free blogging platform called wordpress woocommerce themes. Once you have that you can customize your layout, design and theme.

A sitemap built for Google looks like raw HTML code. In fact, it’s called XML and is a cousin to HTML. It basically recounts everything that Google can expect to find on your site. Again, unless you are really really into that geeky stuff, I highly recommend a plugin for your blog to handle this chore. Google XML Sitemaps is a good one that comes to mind.

In case you are wondering, I do know what I’m talking about. I have my own blog with almost 800 subscribed readers and regulargly getting traffic from search engines like Google.

Create a newsletter or free giveaway – This is one way to build your list of potential customers. Create an opt-in page where they can enter their name and email address in exchange for a free monthly newsletter in their inbox or a giveaway like a free report, ebook, audio, video or ecourse. This gives you the opportunity to market to them again and again.

The website is the heart of any online business. That is why you need to have a good and reliable web hosting service provider for your site. Always make it a point to shop around and look for the features we have described to you whenever you are searching for a hosting provider for your site.

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