Will Twitter Eventually Be A Fail?

I am seeing a growing trend in interactive media that is bothering me. Unfortunately, user engagement from social media is on the decline. I know many industry folks will challenge me here as the registration numbers to social media services are in hockey stick growth mode (as of this post.) However, the percentage of registered users engaging in the services as measured by clicks, time spent, comments, etc. is on the decline. I understand the argument that this is a natural trend as the early adopter “geeks” have a high penetration of engagement and newer social media adopters are more lurkers and generally have less involvement.

Wikipedia provides more of an academic definition of social capital. In my layman terms – it is the authority others give individuals based upon their knowledge/experience/interactions with the individual. If your social capital is high then your blog post/comments/articles are likely read and esteemed by many. If you are an unknown to some – your social capital is in heavy evaluation mode by that some. If your social capital is rated low by certain individuals – you are likely ignored by those individuals.

So, when did this actually start? When did the journey of Vlogging begin? Well, it was on January 2, 2000, when Adam Kontras, the first Vlogger, posted a video of him next to his blog entry to inform his friends and his family about his cross-country move to Los Angeles to pursue show business, marking the first post on what would later become the first Vlog. In November that same year, Adrian Miles posted a video which comprised of a changing text on a still image, thus coining the term vog. Soon the journey of Vlogging began which then grew in leaps and bounds.

Use the social media services and social web to be popular. If you post many links and people like you then the results of your online presence will be enormous. The key to success is links, traffic, money.

Don’t make your blog look too crowded or your readers will go elsewhere. If you jumble everything together, trying to get the most material you can get on one page, readers will become overwhelmed. Carefully determine what is important to include on a page, and what is better reserved for the next page.

How can it help me? While the service is redundant to Twitter and Facebook at the moment, and not yet available on Google Apps (only Gmail), I believe the integration of GPS, iPhone-like devices, and Buzz will have a dramatic effect on retailers – imagine being able to advertise your products instantly, for free, to interested people near you? That type of thing is coming with Buzz, even if not yet available. And like the others, you can link to Twitter.

You should also be warned that you still can spread yourself too thin. Keep focused. Especially when you expand or diversify. You can easily spend yourself into “broke” in a hurry. Take your time and use your due diligence. There are many benefits when working from home with multiple streams of income. Security, income, just knowing if 1 thing fails or get slow, you have another product or service out there to pick up some slack. If you already have a good online income stream, see how you could expand on that or just start another. With multiple streams of income, it’s always nice to see that e-mail box full of messages from PayPal.

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Will Twitter Eventually Be A Fail?

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