Ways To Keep Your Journal Private

Developing the practice of a daily quiet time or daily devotions may be the most important ingredient in changing your life. It will enable you to transform your life faster than you will believe. Starting a daily time with God is a spiritual habit that will grow you to your maximum potential for Christ. More than anything else you can do, being consistent in your “Daily Devotions” or “Daily Quiet Time” will transform your attitudes, character, convictions, and heart desires.

If you are traveling for business, but also plan on sightseeing, bring a diary or Notebook with an envelope to keep your expenses separate. Make keeping track of business easier by jotting down each expense as you go along instead of trying to remember which expenses were work and which were fun. An envelope or pocket in the Women’s Prayer Journal is also a good idea to store your receipts in.

Prayer: Keep a prayer journal. This helps you to see what has come to pass that you have prayed for. If you wrote a list of the 5 favorite things in your life right now, you’d realize they were all prayers of yours, not so long ago. Therefore you know prayers are answered. So will be the ones you are praying now.

Lord, I am sorry I didn’t have time to pray today; maybe tomorrow. What I am not promised tomorrow? My goodness what will I do? Sorry Lord, I have a text message to answer. Read the Bible? I just don’t have the time.

Lord, I can’t wait until my husband gets home tonight. I have so many things to correct him about. For the third time this week, he left the toilet seat up. I know Lord, he works hard and provides for us but he just won’t do what I say. And these kids, always interrupting me; asking such silly things when they can see I am talking on the phone. Sometimes I just get tired of hearing the word, “Mama!” I think if I hear it one more time some days, I will just scream.

Netbooks are often cheaper than laptops. You might have noticed this since this is the first thing that makes people pay extra attention to them. Don’t decide based on the price alone though, and you will be able to choose the computer that meets your personal needs.

There are all sorts of different factors that determine which items make the best skin care products for you. You probably know by now that some time and testing is necessary to find what’s perfect for your skin. But if you can have patience, it’ll be worth it because in the end you’ll have healthy and beautiful skin.