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With little or no money coming in how do you keep your home based business alive until it starts making money again? This article will provide you with a clear cut strategy to help your business weather the hard economic times it may be experiencing and guide it back into profitability in 3 steps.

First, you can go for a monthly payment package. In this case, the SEO company will offer you a variety of services and you pay a fixed rate each month. This can be as low as $1,000 or as high as $5,000 depending on the array of services being offered. If you have a small business then you might need only a few of these SEO services so there is no point of paying a service provider more than $3,000 monthly retainer.

Best ways to make money online are highly objective. There is no holy grail. Some good ways are to start and join an affiliate business, start a blog which is a favorite topic of search engines, start an ebay or amazon shop, or create a website to promote your physical business if you are a merchant or for example in the services sector. Internet marketing is necessary to be found on search engines.

Another way is with social media, but would require a little more effort. The idea here is to go to, for example, your favorite restaurants and rave about it on all the social media sites. Go to the owner and set something up. Trade your for money. You can tweet about it on Twitter, and say “if you saw this on Twitter, you get X amount of on your next meal. Yelp is another locally oriented social site just for that purpose. You would be surprised at the amount of business owners who know nothing about the advantages of leveraging web 2.0. There are 1000’s of websites out there for this and all you do is sit there and plug in their restaurant, or gym, or health food store.

This is not as rigid as it sounds. We all want something from our social media efforts, e.g. feedback, insights, new leads, top-of-mind-awareness, etc. So whatever you are looking to achieve, set up benchmarks to see if you are achieving these goals. And don’t limit is to the number of Likes or followers – look deeper to the number of retweets, customer questions, degree of interaction, etc. Again, refer back to #1 and determine ways to measure if you are in sync with your brand message, your overall mission.

16. Update Your Social Profiles – Make sure your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, etc. are current and express what you want your audience to know about you. They will go there first to get an understanding of who you are.

Also, if you are concerned with that amount of email that you have been getting lately from LinkedIn, you may also want to check the new default settings under E-mail Preferences and Groups, Companies & Applications (such as Data Sharing with 3rd-party applications). All of this can be managed simply by you in your “Settings” tab.

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