The Many Benefits Of Popcorn

Centerville Virginia’s Bull Run Regional Park attracts visitors from almost a hundred miles away due to its variety of events and annual activities. The Virginia Wine Festival is one of my favorites since more than 60 wine vendors travel to introduce themselves to you. Traveling to and from this event requires special attention, since nobody wants people drinking and driving. For those with designated drivers, you’ll get a reduced rate and a special wristband that shows you’ll be behind the wheel later. Everyone else can take advantage of the shuttle service that runs folks from the Vienna metro station, the Reston Limousine Bus. You can also hire your own car to pick you up.

Store yoru unpopped popcorn correctly. When stored in a sealed glass jar in a cool cupboard, unpopped popcorn can maintain its freshness for 6-12 months. Popcorn pops because it has a bit of moisture trapped in each kernel. If the corn dries out, more of the kernels will stay closed. You can try to store the corn in the freezer to extend the freshness a few months, but eventually it will lose most of the moisture and you will end up with unpopped kernels and, potentially, a slightly stale taste.

An easy, mess-free alternative is to use a microwave to heat up a popcorn bag. Popcorn bags are specially designed to absorb microwaves and concentrate them on the kernels helping them pop evenly. Wait three to four minutes for a tasty snack.

Location is the first pleasantry about visiting the market. Walking through the parking lot one hears a blend of sound as the wind tousles the row of palm trees to the north and tinkles the cables against the masts of sail boats to the south.

Popcorn is available in three main types: white, large yellow and small yellow. The many varieties of popcorn can pop into two basic shapes: mushroom or butterfly shaped. Mushroom shaped popcorn is used mainly in Fair and Festival Concession. The butterfly shape is the puffy white kernels found in most theaters and in popping corn.

Popcorn consumption increased during Great Depression and World War II. It was widely available, inexpensive and tasted good. Soon, locations in the Midwestern United States planted the maize used specifically for popcorn, finding that this crop was more stable than maize planted for fresh corn. Today, popcorn is known as the official state snack of Illinois.

Finds at the market include the expected fresh grown tomatoes, corn, lettuce, and herbs. And the also expected strawberries, peaches, nectarines, and apples. But there is much more.

Use the following websites to find out more. Get more information about spending the day at the Track — this unofficial site has lots of good tips and information on giveaway days and admission fees. Read more information on Saratoga Spa State Park. You can get all the particulars about Saratoga Battlefield, also known as Saratoga Historic Park, including an event calendar. Learn more about the NYS Military Heritage Museum.

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The Many Benefits Of Popcorn

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