Start A Day Care – How To Cash In On The Booming Demand For Day Care Centers

Summer is finally here! The kids are out of school. Families have been planning all year for this. They are packing for their well earned summer vacations. One of their biggest uncertainties: Do we take the dog?

Keep in mind that your daughter is probably just as scared as you are. She has probably known for several weeks that she’s pregnant, and has taken that long to build up the courage to tell you. She’s telling you because she needs you, not because she’s thinking she can’t hide it much longer. She’s found herself in a very grown-up situation at a very young age, too young to handle it on her own.

I first became aware of this problem when my law firm was contacted by a distraught mother whose 2 year old child was severely injured on the playground at his daycare charlotte center when some older children decided to play a joke on him.

Mike and I work opposite shifts. I work at an adult education center during the day, and he works at a factory on a late shift. This works to help us cover as much time without a babysitter as possible. We cannot afford after-school care, and the preschool hours are 7:45 in the morning to 2:45 in the afternoon. My daughter rides her bus from school. We have to save our family “together-time” for the weekends. We divide the duties as evenly as we can. With the help of the amazing people at Stepping Stone and the fantastic crew at the Dennis Development Center in Little Rock, AR, we are getting the boys what they need. They even get their speech and occupational therapies from the preschool and subsequently the elementary school. Our town has a terrific program for special needs in the school system.

Michiganders, we need to hold our legislators accountable, be they Democratic or Republican. We should never get into a situation where we cannot care for our own children. The Great Start Readiness Program should, by all means, be a priority, no matter how bad the economy gets. It may very well be that those lawmakers who choose not to make our children a priority should not count on us to make saving their jobs a priority come Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

But how many parents can afford to have one parent stay at home monitoring, raising, and teaching them? The economy in which we live often requires both parents to work. Therefore there needs to be that support system in the schools–namely preschool–that can support what is being taught at home.

Along with the training, you need to be teachable and put your training into action. The best training in the world will not help you if you don’t apply it.

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