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I had a rare moment of fashion crisis this week. I was watching the television show Ugly Betty. I know, I know – kind of a girly show, but it’s one of those shows that so many people watch that it’s good to have a little knowledge about them. That way, if someone asks if Betty is dating Henry or Gio the Sandwich Guy or Matt the new guy from Y.E.T.I. is, I don’t say, why would any of them date her at all? She looks like someone’s bubbe. Saying this would make me politically incorrect. Saying Bubbe from Y.E.T.I. makes me look like a sweet guy with a wide cultural base.

Do not allow inappropriate touching in your presence. Wrestling and tumbling is not appropriate at this age any longer. Your child may not understand this and you will need to point this out to them. Try to do this without getting angry or passing judgement on either child.

Girls will always be attracted to guys who are naturally confident. This is why men almost always ask women out first…it is just the role men play in the relationship. Women expect the guys to be able to take the lead and go out to and get what they want.

Unless you are the type of guy who wants to settle down and smoke a pipe by the fireplace in his slippers, there’s only one reason you want to meet women online…To get as many dates as you can!

You should give yourselves a treat in the Americana water park resort and spa. This place is perfect especially if you are coming from Niagra water fall. It is so close to the water fall that you do not need to worry about getting out of the fall early. This water park resort and spa place was just recently renovated. IT has great water slides and a nice pool that you can swim in at night. They also have a great restaurant inside there that you and your date can catch something to eat if you had not yet eaten. It is a fun place to be in if you are phoenix matchmaker in Ontario.

The episode ends as House and Wilson leave the hospital discussing why House was reading his father’s book. Just as they leave, Cuddy asks the staff to have maintenance remove a massive banner from Wilson’s porno from the wall and the credit roll.

When it all comes down to it you really need to feel the vibe of the situation. Is she naturally a flirty girl or is she actually into you. You will be able to feel the difference with some experience. This is the best indicator of her intentions.

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