Security Guard Interviewing Skills

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. There. That was the only ‘counting’ we’ll be doing in this article! 101 things? That’s ridiculous. There are probably a million things to do with School Supplies (but remember, no counting)!

2) Post Orders: these are the rules and regulations of any given account. Each account has its own security needs and so the post orders should be written specifically for each account. Many large companies fail to do this. They create cookie-cutter post orders which are overly broad and non-specific.

I remember when I was little I had managed to get a copy of Child’s Play. I ended up locking my dolls in the closet for a month, but hey, I was only three or four.

A Guard No-Show. This is inexcusable. It is the security company’s responsibility to responsibly schedule guards and verify that they will be at work. Furthermore, it is also the company’s responsibility to ensure that they show up on time. It is common for guards not to show up, call off with little or no notice or quit without notice. It happens in the industry. A good how to start my own security guard company will have redundancies in place to ensure that your post does not go uncovered and that your guard is actually there. If they are not responsive in this manner, get rid of them!

People with you will influence your performance. Complainers and class clowns make studying difficult. Even good friends can be distracting. You have to team up with good study partners or go solo. Make a deal to study individually and then meet up in 30 minutes.

The onetime Robert F. Kennedy Justice Department attorney and tax revenue bloodhound could be the most pragmatic politician since Lyndon Baines Johnson was in power at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

You will also need to be trained on how to use various tools as a security guard. You’re going to get a service belt, flashlight, and possibly a baton. Next up on the training would be pepper spray and walkie talkies. Last but not least of course is the firearm and tazer, with special training.

The fact that Paul Blart: Mall Cop found success in being both good and a money-maker is the biggest surprise of all. Someone out there is being greatly pampered and apologized to after having his idea trampled on until now.

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Security Guard Interviewing Skills

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