Recession Resistant Jobs For 2011

Obama is a funny president. Like Clinton he loves to hear his voice. And in the beginning people were fainting when they heard his voice. They may still be fainting but it is because of the Obama economy and not his voice.

Fillmore came to the presidency by quirk of fate, having been the VP of one of the shortest serving presidents in history, Zachary Taylor, who died in 1850, thus propelling VP Fillmore to the presidency.

There is no risk of any decrement of salaries as per work. The salaries once fixed will only have periodic increments till the end of the service but decrements or demotions never happen in govt. jobs.

These are just a couple examples. There are many other types of jobs that felons can land with a little work. Knowing what jobs to go after can really help with being successful at landing a good paying (and honest) job.

Obama tells us the recession is ending. But how does that fit with wholesale prices still falling 20 months AFTER the beginning of the recession? Add in that mostly the only jobs being created are ssc gd admit card – temporary Census jobs – and tell me, is Obama telling anywhere near the truth about the mitigating recession? The empirical evidence indicates he does not know what he’s talking about or his honesty is in question. No news there though! He claims he’s putting folks back to work and that the “worst is over.” Seems he BS’ing us big time. Ya know, like he did when he made the Congressional Budget Office do with the “10 years of taxes and 6 years of benefits” for Obamacare that now is clearly NOT remotely deficit neutral?

There are warning signs that the employer should look for. They are unable to concentrate, dwell on work issues after hours, short temper, headaches, upset stomaches, and increasing irritability are warning signs that enough is enough.

17. Post your resume on the big sites: CareerBuilder and Monster. You can also apply online, and search related jobs. You will get emails from employers offering you positions, but make sure that your “Scam Alert” is working overtime if the position seems too good to be true.

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Recession Resistant Jobs For 2011

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