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Once upon a more naive time, while looking over a friend’s shoulder, I gasped to see that she had over two thousand emails in her Hotmail account. I didn’t even know that was possible (insert chuckle.) As someone who regularly deletes email, it never occurred to me to keep that many messages.

Once you find some people you are interested in explore them by email through the dating site, and get all the information you need before you move onto the next level. Which could be a phone call or meeting. Please click safety for more information.

Again, I’ve tested this out several times, and moving the message — whether to the trash can or to another folder — always works! Simply opening the message and then clicking on the trash can visible at the bottom of the screen, however, does NOT.

I do like Yahoo because it has some cool abilities that I used to use when I was in high school but have since out grown. But back in the day when I created my user account I used all the functions of the email service. Now I have no need for an avatar (which is a cartoonish version of me I can customize) it’s just childish and useless. I got the yahoo email address when I created my Yahoo user ID for chatting and have only used it for my AC account. Yet I still get mass amounts of spam so I steer clear of using this for much, sometimes I have friends send things to this account because it’s easier to get some files but other than that spam kills Yahoo for me.

Hotmail was second in spam, I got probably 20 to 50 a day which isn’t to bad but still who wants to deal with sorting through their bulk folder to make sure they don’t throw away something important. I sure don’t, but I will admit that I use this email address as a signup address. By that I mean any website that requires you enter an email address to look at the content; I use my hotmail email login which is probably why I get this much spam. Before I used this address for such a purpose I didn’t get nearly as much probably 10 a day. I also use this email address for contacts with people on my MSN messenger list because it’s easily integrated. Other than this I don’t really use it much. But it still ranks third on my list of good email addresses.

After trying to connect using my modem and phone line hundreds of times, I would finally get a nice stable connection. This was also the time when there was a flavor of the Internet that did not include graphics. It was purely text based. Of course, this was much cheaper and probably better because a website would literally take 15 minutes to show up.

Once you are done filling the information, click the ‘Save’ button. You will then be brought back to the Account Overview page, and a dialog stating ‘Your information has been saved’ will appear under that heading. With that, your password has been changed.

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People E-Mail Test – Find People By Email

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