How To Play Floor Hockey On A Basketball Court

Have you resolved to be more active in 2013? If so, now’s a good time to start. It might be cold out there-Hello? ZERO degrees when the Boise Healthy Living Examiner pulled up to the gym this morning. That is crazy cold!-but you can still find some “cool” ways to get moving. You can ski, ice skate, shoot some hoops, hit the volleyball court, or learn about predator hunting. And, there’s even weight loss challenge you can join, with cash prizes. Here’s a list to help you stay off the couch this weekend.

Alliance Sport Parachute Club has been around for more than 40 years just west of Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. so they know how to provide the right combination of friendliness and seriousness to make your first jumps safe and fun.

Volleyball is a very explosive sport that requires unique strengths. Each position puts a specific demand on the body. To prepare your body for those demands you need to train it for those demands. That is the concept behind sports specific training. This type of training puts the body through drills that mimic game situations and enhance volleyball specific needs for strength, as with the serve or kills, or flexibility and agility, as with digs and jumping skills for playing the net.

Travis Heights is services by a high school, middle school and elementary school. Students start at Travis Heights Elementary School and then attend Fulmore Middle School. Teens in the area go on to Travis High School.

Grandview State Park offers multiple picnic areas for family events and picnics. Also, the park has a few picnic shelters that can host hundreds of people. Grandview State Park has a volleyball positions, horse shoe throwing area, softball field, swings and slides for the kids.

This park, Wilderness Lakes in Menifee, CA is a membership only park and part of the Naco organization. The resort is on flat terrain which is great for walking and bicycling; which I did a lot of. There are wonderful canals that wind through the park and are actually stocked with catfish. You can fish right there from your front door! The resort is in an argricultural setting with nearby dairies. Yet, only a few miles away there are lots of local stores for shopping, even a WalMart and Winco, and there are medical facilities close by.

Nemo’s Reef (pictured above) offers water play for the little ones in a shady, soft-surfaced area. There will be pop jets, bubblers and characters from “Finding Nemo” like Dory, Marlin and even Nemo himself. The slide shaped like Mr. Ray will likely be a favorite with young guests.

Floor Slam; Start this drill, by slamming a ball into the floor. A setter sprints onto the court from a designated area. They track down the ball and try to make the best set possible to the outside hitting position. After they set the ball, they continue to sprint off the court to one side or the other. This drill works best if you have two or three setters to work together.

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