How To Avoid Credit Card Debt

Every business wants to sell as much as they can to their customers. There are a few problems that arise when a seller cannot accept a certain type of payment. One of the most popular ones is accepting credit cards. These days, more and more people are using credit card to pay their bills. Therefore, the ability to accept credit cards can surly enhance the business of any businessman by leaps and bounds.

If you process debit transactions of $25 or more, make sure you use the “debit” option on your terminal instead of “credit” and have the customer enter their pin number. By doing this there will be no discount fees accessed and you will only pay one flat fee for the charge. The larger the ticket the more you will save.

Compare merchant accounts. Remember, there is always another merchant account that is better. Make sure to shop around to find the best deal with the best merchant account company.

Batch your wireless credit card machines for small business transactions daily or, have your account setup to “auto batch” If you have transactions that are not batched within a short period of time (usually 48 hours) they will downgrade to mid-qualified and you will have to pay surcharges.

Insurance is a necessity in to day’s business world, and your local insurance carriers will give you information on both general liability insurance and property damage insurance and the rates available for both.

Based on Territory’s word, I returned on Saturday to see the sparkling new vinyl shop up and running… Yet another false alarm. With the exception of a single turntable, the shop still lay completely bare. Needless to say, this is rather unacceptable. When the local press (LA Times, EaterLA, etc) showers praise on your concept, you can’t just not complete it for weeks. You can’t miss opening dates again and again. It’s not like it’s that hard to set up some records, especially since the shop isn’t even open on Mondays. Honestly, the entire space is 6×12 at the most. Give me a couple free records and I’ll set up the place in an hour.

Once you find the right POS machines, you’ll be glad that you did because you’ll be able to experience all of the benefits that are available to you. Your business will grow, you will find that your customers will be happier, and even you will be happier. The increase in business will far outweigh any of the fees that you may have to pay to have credit card equipment. From there, you can grow your business.

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How To Avoid Credit Card Debt

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