Dress Like A Leprechaun! Part 3: The Accessories

Who hates eating berries? These are among the sweetest fruits existing. They usually have red, blue, and other colors when ripe. If you are tired of eating any of these fruits as it is, you could try a different art. This is none other than making chocolate covered fruit. This is a simple project to try at home. If you want to coat apples, almonds and nuts, you can do that too. The process involves melting chocolate slabs until they turn to liquid. One could use any type available, such as dark and milk or white chocolates.

VIP ticket prices start at $250. There are also Young Professional tickets available for $125 per person. These tickets allow those who are 35 years old and younger to attend from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., with general admission seating. The YP ticket price includes dinner, cocktails and musical entertainment. Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome to join guests at the event. Dog walkers and sitters will be available.

Today, men are stepping outside of the box a lot more and are choosing to wear ties of a variety of colours and patterns. Gone are the days of the bow tie only being worn at formal events. Today you may see a person wearing a tie with a shirt and a pair of jeans. It is all about a person’s own style of personality.

Yes, if you think it matters. In times past, it was considered poor etiquette to specify what someone has to wear. However, nowadays, it is perfectly commonplace to include details about desired clothing accessories like black ties, Wooden cufflinks, dresses, or male formal wear like tuxedos and suits. You can bar certain clothing too, if you want. It used to be a formal restriction to not mention it, but nowadays it’s very popular to mandate the clothing. People like creating an environment that’s to their liking. Other people understand that.

A man dressing up for formal affairs is nothing new. In fact, the European opera houses of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries wouldn’t let a man in unless he was appropriately dressed.

Sweaters, particularly zip front or button front cardigans, are great for fall of 2011. They can even serve as a substitute for a jacket on a chilly day. Look for sweaters that are made of wool, cotton, or chenille. Try to avoid acrylics, as these can be difficult to care for, don’t breath well, and tend to pill quickly. A great look for fall is a Nordic print. Insure that the sweater has a nice, snug fit and does not hang down in the armpits.

Top your pasta with some fresh basil leaves and serve it with parmesan cheese. The family will be very impressed with your unique pasta dish and you can rest assured that there are so many different ways to make pasta recipes, each time will be different. Inventing pasta recipes is a great way to use up leftover meat, poultry or fish, as well as vegetables, which are past their prime.

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