Cutting Your Wedding Guest List

Even though your excitement is not over yet, there are wedding plans that must be made. Wedding invitations are near the top of that list. Some women say they have been working on their lists for years. Really? Well, the rest of us have to start from scratch.

Music choices should be fun and easy-going. Instead of going with the traditional bridal march songs like “Here Comes the Bride”, try a reggae beat provided by a live band playing steel drums and bamboo flutes. If you cannot afford those, get a DJ that will provide classic island tunes to serenade you and your guests.

Considering the wedding invitation s, you can also think out of the box. You can add some creativity to the cards. You can put some funny images on the card. You can create a cartoon drawing of the bride pulling the groom along by his necktie for example. Go all out with wedding invitations in terms of creativity. Have fun images on your card, for example, a cartoon of the bride pulling the guy along by his necktie! You can use your imagination to create the most unique and funny wedding invitation card singapore in the world.

You will need to give your guest the information of your wedding in the invitation card. It is certain that you will need to let the guests know your wedding date and venue. However, this may not be the only information you are going to tell your guests.

Food. A buffet will be great for wedding. A buffet costs a lot less than sit down service while it has several advantages. For one thing, people can choose whatever they would love to eat according to their favors, so there isn’t so much wastage on food and drinks. For another, it has offered your guests an opportunity to communicate with each other better.

You could do the decorating yourself and ask your bridal party to help you. This is a great idea and fun to do together. You may even have a friend or relative that has a knack for this sort of thing and would love to help you. Make sure you don’t try and do it all during the day of the wedding. Get most of it done the day before.

For “creative black tie”, the men should again wear tuxedos, but they should add a dash of color, such as a tartan or paisley bow tie. A male guest could also choose to wear a red bow tie and cumberbund instead of the traditional black. The female guests can basically wear whatever they would to any black tie wedding, although you might try to spice up your outfit with a stand-out accessory, such as a spectacular handbag or pair of shoes.

Have fun designing escort cards that will add style to your wedding. If you personalize your escort cards, they can go beyond simply serving a function, and add to the overall design of your wedding. It is the little details that make your wedding feel unique.

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