Bulk Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is all about defining the subscribers to your email lists. Everything else is based on this one fundamental. The New Year will not only bring a rise to 20% VAT but more competition as well as the cuts begin to bite. To ensure you are in a strong position you need to exploit all your advantages.

If all the enhancement did was to correct a fault, somewhere where the software was inferior to your competitors’, then that is not going to sell to anyone other than those who complained. Instead tell them that you listened to their suggestions – albeit when they went to your competitors.

Now it’s much easier to push a button and have your message reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. And it all arrives through one medium that they rely upon for the transfer of information back and forth. This creates vast opportunity as well a challenge. People receive A LOT of email. Here’s some free online marketing tips to make sure recipients actually open, read and hopefully act on your messages.

Put yourself on the email lists of others in your sector of email marketing and see what they push. It will almost certainly be where they excel. And it will almost certainly be what their customers want as well.

You will need a few irresistible lead capture pages that leave prospects begging to join your list and eventually your Monavie business. You will also need email marketing services like Aweber. You will be able to communicate, sign up, and sell products to your list on auto pilot. It is great having systems that work while you sleep. Another great thing is that these systems are inexpensive anyone can start no matter the budget. I have briefly given you the recipe on how you can generate endless leads without having to pick up the phone. But there is “MORE”…

There is nothing more annoying than an unreadable email. Use a simple email template for your newsletters. Minimize the use of videos and graphics as nowadays they are most likely to get stuck in email filters. Send them plane, well arranged text messages with necessary links to your landing pages. You can add your videos and graphics in your landing pages t interact with your readers.

Now, on to the next problem. Perhaps your open rate is nearly perfect – subscribers are opening your emails, but… there’s a problem. You’re not noticing any traffic to your website as a result. They’re reading the email, but they’re not taking any action on it. Why not? This time it’s not the subject line that’s the culprit – it’s something in the body copy of the email itself. Again, a professional email copywriter can examine your copy to see where you’re going wrong and then fix it in future mailings. There are many possible errors, but typically it’s simply that the call to action in the email isn’t clear or strong enough – the reader just doesn’t know what to do next.

So in closing, I would say to focus your efforts on things that drive a positive return on your investment. If it doesn’t work, then stop doing it. My goal for going into the New Year is to work smarter, not harder!

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