Zen Training: How To Get Started

Hong Kong, meaning ‘the fragrant harbor’ is one of the popular tourist destinations. Earlier, under British rule, the city is now under the Chinese government. The city is located on the opposite side of the River Pearl Delta and is surrounded by the South China Sea on three sides. It is located to the south of the Tropic of cancer and experiences hot summers and mild winters. One of the important financial centers of the global economy, low taxation and free trade are encouraged here. Hong Kong is one of the busiest airports and hub of Asian aviation industry and hence Hong Kong air tickets are available on a regular basis with all leading airlines of the world.

Well, of course, we all want freedom. When Michael Shermer debated Greg Koukl on the Hugh Hewitt show, he stated that, although he remains steadfastly skeptical of anything supernatural, he supports any religion or philosophy that increases human freedom.

We simply forget that we are free. We forget by becoming bogged down in our difficulties, by pitting ourselves against others, and fighting for what we want. Actually, we already have everything we need, but because we don’t know and understand this, and because we are insecure, we try to get more.

Zazen is a Japanese word (derived from Sanskrit) meaning “seated meditation” and is the very essence of Zen zen baltimore. So do you have to be a Buddhist to understand and practice zazen? No, is the definite answer. Everybody who truly wants to find a way to escape our hectic way of life, even if only once in a while, should try zazen as a natural method to find his true self. No drugs, no alcohol, just sit with you legs folded (in the lotus position if you can), join your hands over your belly, and keep your spine straight. Then, with you eyes neither shut nor fully open, let your mind go. Try not to adhere to any thought, just let them drift away (and that, believe me, is pretty difficult!) and over time you will find your deepest inner self.

Kitchen cabinets also play an important role in enhancing the overall beauty of house. A trendy kitchen would add to the decor. People also view the kitchen as the lady’s place of living and thus a clean kitchen is considered as a measure of one’s good household. Even in the olden days when the in laws went to the girl’s house, to meet her for the first time they insisted on inspecting the kitchen to view that how much the girl is good at house hold. In lofts the kitchens are small and at the same plane as the rest of the living space. In this case they become very important because they are visible from every place and it is necessary to give it a good look to see the decor.

My favorite is the soup. As you go through the soup line, you select what you want: pork or beef, fish balls, thick or thin noodles. These are stirred into a hearty broth with some vegetables. The soup is probably the least spicy food you can find here, but there is a table of condiments, which can raise the heat frighteningly.

After pigging out on spicy Thai food on the banks of the Palm River, my friends and I like to travel to Riverview to the Beer Shed, where, it seems, more people arrive by boat than by car, to sit on the banks of the Alafia River and quench the Thai fire with a cold beer or two or… You can get directions from Wat Tampa to the Beer Shed here.

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