World Top 5 Travel Destinations

Travel tips can help you have a stress free travel experience. Some tips are not so obvious, though. The following are some tips to help make your travel plans go a little more smoothly.

If the room feels cramped or otherwise uncomfortable, re-arrange furniture that’s easy to move. Create a cozy sitting area with a good view, or set up a table for eating and conversation. Whatever will make your stay more enjoyable!

In terms of budget, you can use comparison sites that will help you check which among different hotel booking services offers the best price. Note the price range that fits your budget including the site that offers them. Then, look through each of your choices and see for yourself which you think fits perfectly.

Not only will you see gorgeous Bluebonnets – the State flower of Texas, Indian Paint Brush and many other species of flowers in various stages of growth, but also you can shop at the on-site gift store and pick up one-of-a-kind souvenirs. This is a fantastic way to spend a relaxing day in the beautiful Hill Country, but do not forget to bring your digital camera to capture the ultimate in wildflower photographs! Spend as much time as you like at the Farm’s Activities.

The Travel Test: ITA is best for traveling abroad. I’m going to search for a flight to Scotland from Houston. I think I saw a golf ball melt the other day here in town. Why not visit the home of golf, and the home of cool weather!

Fortaleza is a city in the state of Ceara in Brazil’s north east that is slowly becoming a travel checklist destination of Europeans and Americans alike. People are lured to Fortaleza for its year long perfect weather and legendary beaches, but they stay for its night life.

Expedia is 1st on my list of favorite sites for booking airfare. I’m able to purchase AARP Travel for seniors on this site. Being I’m in that senior category, it’s the perfect site for me. It’s very easy to navigate and it automatically calculates your discount for you in your search. I looked high and low for tickets for my husband and myself to Las Vegas on New Years Eve. When I pulled up AARP travel, it immediately took me to the Expedia website. Within a matter of minutes, I found the lowest fare with my senior discount on Expedia, and was able to get it booked immediately. There may be other websites that offer senior discounts on airfare, but I haven’t been able to find them.

So, in summary, choose your fabric, invest in quality, choose timeless color combinations, and mix and match to your heart’s delight! You’ll be enjoying compliments and freedom from the “what will I wear syndrome”.

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