The Top 10 Things To Do At Walt Disney World For The Elderly Or Tired Tourist

Elizabeth Oakes sent me this for Techno Tuesday. It’s a great way to keep the levity going. “What will they think of next,” Wedding Priestess asks, shaking her head.

Located at Eastern State Penitentiary, Terror Behind the Walls is like fear on steroids. You know, the kind of fear that follows you home and takes up permanent residence in your psyche.

The animatronic dinosaur suppliers park also has extended hours during summer. Being so close to the Molfetta Outlet Mall (also called the Fashion District Outlet) means that parents who love to shop can drop off the kids and not feel guilty about it. The kids can spend a day at the park while mom and dad shop at the mall. Like Zoosafari the Miragica theme park has the always popular ferris wheel and log flume plus a whole lot of thrill rides including fake-free fall and bumper cars. Parents would probably do well to stay at the mall and shop.

Still at the top of the list for toddlers between the ages of about four and six is Tickle Me Elmo TMX. There is something about his three tickle points on his chin, tummy, and toes and his contagious, floor rolling laughter that continues to keep kids enthralled with the little furry red guy. Elmo retails for around $40 if you are lucky enough to find him in the store.

After a tour backstage at Epcot, you find a private bus waiting for you and your group behind the Seas Pavilion. The bus takes you to World Showcase. Never mind how ordinary the backs of the buildings look. You know that on the other side of the stage it’s magical. At the American Adventure in the World Showcase, your guide tells you about the building and the attraction, as well as the mechanics of the show.

The new-new name will be “Apocalypse” and the coaster itself will stay pretty much the same. But where Six Flags takes one in the pants, is they spent upwards of $1 million on the Terminator-themed intro in the queue. It included several animatronic dinosaur manufacturers Terminators and a training video featuring two of the film’s stars, Common and Moon Bloodgood.

Games & Prizes: Chuck E. Cheese offers a variety of arcade games and rides. Some of the best games include, the classic air hockey, mini-merry-go-round, whack-a-mole and a lot of ticket redemption games. These include ski-ball, basketball, Light-Stopper, and a water gun race. All of the tickets can be redeemed for tons of cool prizes. There are stickers, shirts, stuffed animals, candy, and tons more. With it being only one token per game, it is easy to accumulate many tickets. Not only are these games for children, but many parents actually participate in these games as well.

Whether you come to Las Vegas just to shop, or for all the other wonderful opportunities, I hope this little bit of information will save you plenty while enhancing your overall experience.