Positive Attitude Tips – 4 Simple Tips – How To Gain A Positive Attitude For Success

People who have achieved success in their lives have faced difficulties along the way but they did not falter. They keep on believing and moving forward.

What you have done here with your positive thinking is to diffuse some of the negativity in the atmosphere. Now, nine times out of ten, you will get a positive response from the cashier and maybe even a smile. By acknowledging that the cashier is not just an employee, but also a person, you have just used the positive attitude strategies to not only boost your mood, but the mood of those around you also.

By creating and using mind movies you can unleash your unique ability to powerfully acquire anything you want. You will soon be seeing results similar to the following.

Think Naturally – Incorporate positive self-talk and affirmations. No more “With my luck…” types of comments unless they are along the lines of “With my luck, I’ll accomplish my goals”.

It used to be believed that geniuses were born with more brain cells than the rest of us. This is now known to be false! Each of us is born with the same number of brain cells! (Oh just a few ONLY About 100 billion!) It used to be believed that your brain was “hard-wired” when you were born; that you are a product of your genetics alone, and therefore champions and successful famous stars are born not made. Not true! Your brain is constantly growing NEW connections and NEW neuron patterns, every second of every minute of every day of your life! This means that your capacity is almost limitless! You are today a different person than you were yesterday! You are not the same today as you will be tomorrow!

Both Dan Chu and Gideon had no thoughts or hope of leadership in their lives. There was no evidence that they possessed leadership skills, nor that they were capable of accomplishing anything of significance. Yet, they were plucked out of obscurity and given an opportunity to make a difference. They had to make a choice on whether they would begin to imagine a future far different from their past. They had to be brave enough to reinvent their self image. They had to take on a world view of exploring the future possibilities, instead of focusing on the present impossibilities.

We need to break that fixed frame of mind and the only way we can do that is through bringing about, what I would call “a personal revelation”. With that fundamental realization the fixed frame of mind shatters and with that you are free from it.

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Positive Attitude Tips – 4 Simple Tips – How To Gain A Positive Attitude For Success

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