June Book Events At Mysterious Galaxy Books In San Diego, California

I’ve often mentioned how I live in an apartment and have a limited amount of space. I always envision having a whole house, where there are rooms aplenty to store all of my books, comics, movies and other assorted things. Yet, my parents have a house, and they too have a storage shortage.

Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962) – This comic is notable to collectors because it features the first appearance of Doctor Doom. Stan Lee wrote this comic as well. It is said to fetch $3,500 in Very Fine condition.

You are going to have the fight of your life versus the evil forces through Princess Leia costume. This has a special hair-do costume just like the real character. Its head has a piece of buns attached to each side and jumpsuit in the arms. Sizes vary in this type of costume from small, medium, large and even extra large sizes. That is why your big dogs can be princess Leia too. So what are you waiting at, add this stuff to your collection later on.

LT: What was your reaction when the comic got labeled transgendered since it does not seem you set out to do that but perhaps more a Ranma 1/2 type deal?

This movie is two times better than the original Batman. The actors were great in this movie. I couldn’t even take my eyes from it from the start, and I used to never care for superhero movies! The main scene that stood out in this movie is the one at the start of the movie with Ledger robbing the bank.

You wrote the successful Green Hornet series for NOW manga. The research done on the character seems rather deep, and at least goes beyond the television series of the 1960’s. What type of materials did you have access to at the time?

After the dancers recreated Swayze’s Dirty Dancing moves, it was soon time to get rid of two of them. The Dancing With the Stars results were ultimately unfavorable to Macy Gray, and Ashley Hamilton. Both came in last on their respective routines on Monday and Tuesday.

I’ve several new comic series in the works. One of these, an historical western, will eventually be translated into a screenplay. I’ve also started teaching an 8 week course, aided by artist Rich Woodall, on how to write and draw comics for a local comic book shop. Our first session is nearing completion and a new one starts Jan. 3rd of next year. Add to this my bi-weekly internet book review column PULP FICTION, and you can see, I’m one busy camper. Ha. but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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