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On the Saturday of October 9th 1971, precisely on Uganda’s eighth Independence Working day Anniversary celebration from the political gropes of the British, John Akii-Bua broke Uganda’s national decathlon record. Akii-Bua is most renowned for his Munich 1972 summer time Olympics gold medal in world document time (47.eighty two), but it escapes most individuals that his decathlon performance on Independence day nonetheless formally holds as the national decathlon record. Akii’s 6933 decathlon factors on that working day also grew to become Africa’s decathlon record. The record is validated by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF).

The Jacksonville Axemen will signify the United states, the Helensburg Tigers from Australia and the United kingdom will be represented by the British afp police check Group in the 3 match series.

WAYNE: Some thing like 200,000 DNA samples have been taken from that land. They excavated some 378,000 cubic yards of soil, and at 1 time 103 anthropologists and about a dozen forensic experts working. As nicely as one hundred investigators.

TODD: I truly felt that was so tragic, so Wayne and I arrived up with a strategy. We had Venture EDAN’s forensic artists work as sketch artists. Like a sketch you may have drawn at a carnival. They took the mug shot, and created sketches to make the ladies look as what they might have been. I gave the artists the path to give the sketches of the women a Mona Lisa smile, make them look nice. A great deal of people had been hoping to build memorials to these women, it was heart breaking to see the mug shot images, when that wasn’t their genuine encounter. The mug shots were the faces of ladies marked by drugs and a extremely tough life.

WAYNE: Nicely, I remain in touch as much as I can with Kim Rossmo by way of e-mail. I have been in contact with Dave Dixon and he is no lengthier with Vancouver PD. I’m in contact with the job for simply because of Sarah’s disappearance. In reality they made a trip down right here a couple of many years ago. They introduced a great deal of CD’s down and needed me to go through a lot of the products discovered at the farm to see if I recognized any of them. They confirmed me mug pictures and gave me a subpoena to seem as a witness.

One of our last patrols was to our northern most check point. We meant to carry out a joint ANA/US mortar reside fire alongside with expending some 84mm Carl Gustav Recoilless rounds. We understood it was going to be a lengthy day. Our Mounted patrols probably averaged about five to six hrs. Include to that we were going to our farthest check point, planned on firing numerous systems and experienced to provide our own security we thought we knew what to expecting. As you most likely guessed the patrol/live hearth exceeded our expectations.

My next letter ought to cover the Latvian National Holidays. I discovered out about the hard way, the Kunar River Fifty percent Marathon, the awards ceremony and returning house!

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