AURA COLORS: The Samurai Way

Mood: Untangle the Enigma

Are there times when you feel uncomfortable in congested locations? Exist minutes when you feel as if your room is being invaded?Some people can only come so near you. This is a reaction set off by your mood.

It’s feasible that someone else’s mood is intruding upon your own.

Sometimes, you feel uneasy in the existence of a certain person. You enter a room, you have this sense that something is wrong. The human mood is a solid electro- electromagnetic field. We release electric power as well as take in magnetic one.

You can feel this power force in an area loaded with individuals, where differing energies, favorable and negative are being intercharged.

The mood is an extension of our powers, be it strong or weak, fair or otherwise, light and bright or boring as well as dense.

It is a band of power that borders us, a life energy that can be sensed around every creature, plants, trees, animals, birds and also individuals.

There are seven layers of aura, but one of the most easily accessible to the human assumption are the very first three layers surrounding the body.

Auras can be seen with the eyes vast open. It can likewise be seen psychically with the eyes shut. Auras can be best seen under a soft light. You can examine your very own mood by looking at a mirror against a light color background with dark lights.

Look beyond the object and do not focus on it.Auras are observed much more plainly around the hands, between the shoulders, neck and head area.

Those that can see mood mainly observe the mental and etheric layers or planes. These are the vivid layers of aura.

Physical Mood

Closest to the body is the physical mood. It represents the body’s physical growth, staminas and weaknesses, physical feelings, pleasant and undesirable. This band is very solid in athletes as well as people that are in touch with themselves- take pleasure in life’s enjoyments like food, comfort, sex, etc

. Psychological and also Psychological Aura

Moving away from the body is the 2nd layer. This shows the individual’s emotional state of minds and also psychological feelings, about exactly how one feels concerning oneself.Any block in this field decreases the flow of power. This component of the mood is changeable and also varies via the day, depending on the psychological and psychological excitements one really feels.

Spiritual Aura

This component of the mood reflects the energy of the spirit and also its advancement. The color on this degree is most remote. Mental slowness displays in this location.

Adverse thoughts built up over time programs in this location. It is thought that yellow is predominant in at this level.

Reading the Aura

These degrees can be reviewed separately or along with each other.The colors are not literally divided by a line or area in between them. They appear to fuse or become each other. One color might be a lot more dominant than others. As one establishes the capability to review auras, viable details can be originated from the different degrees.

There is no hierarchy of reasoning involving the shades and also their placement in the aura. The shades are only indications of the person’s current state, can be checked out to enhance the positive as well as/ or help relieve troubles.

Remember, as living points change, so do the power fields. As we develop, as we fix our problems, as we resolve hindering blocks, we continue to stabilize our energies.


When reviewing a mood, do no stop on your own after sensing the colors. Recognizing the shades is the beginning of the aura reading. Verbalize what you see, this not only defines what you see, it boosts the flow of your intuition and also assists with an informative reading.

You can see one shade, or a combination thereof. The colors may grow stronger or brighter as the reading proceeds. Count on your capacity to analyze properly with a clear mind what you see or sense.

When individuals are comfortable with one another, their mood tend to match each other in an appealing fashion.

Finding out about aura helps you to increase your intuitive faculties.

Know more about Aura colors here.

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